5 Tips For Surviving An International Move

With the world rapidly becoming a global village, it’s not unheard for someone to pack up and move to a whole new country. That’s why many families are moving away from their homeland in search of greener pastures.


You may be moving internationally because of work transfers, a new job, studies, or just for a fresh start. Whichever the case, international moving could be even more stressful than the regular kind.


Want to smooth the process out a bit?


Here are a few tips that will help you move in a worry-free state of mind.

1. Love Your Lists

Don’t be that person who prepares to-do lists and promptly ignores them. You simply cannot choose to wing it when it comes to international house moving. There is so much to do and so little you can afford to forget.


If you omit an important task at this point, you may be far, far away when you finally realize it.

Also, don’t rely on those pesky little paper notes. We’re living in the digital age; make the most of it! Download a sticky notes app, a to-do list app, and put your calendar reminders to good use.


Once a task pops into your mind or something becomes your responsibility, note it down immediately. You can even use online checklists to arrange the tasks in order of priority.

2. Plan Everything Out

Don’t be afraid of going into details when it comes to planning an international move. Yes, not everything can go exactly according to plan all the time. However, you would be so flustered during the actual moving time that you may not even know what to do next.


For starters, make sure to label all the cartons. Make them a different color for each room. That way, you can ask the movers to place them in the correct rooms. This will be a huge blessing when you start unpacking.


Besides, you should note your flight details in advance. You can check here for flights and book a suitable one accordingly.

3. Grab Those Papers

Your documents and files are absolutely essential if you’re moving abroad. Without the proper documentation, you may face severe problems at every step of your journey.


Why take that chance? Make a checklist of all the papers you need and make sure you have them.


Next, invest your time, effort, and possibly some money in an effective filing system. Gather your legal documents, receipts, delivery bills, and bank statements. Place them in separate folders and label accordingly.


Do the same for your passports, tickets, and whatever else you need for the airport. All this may take some serious work, but it will be worth it in terms of avoiding that panicked search through a jungle of papers.

4. Stick to the Budget

Moving is an expensive deal no matter how and where it’s done. An international move could be even worse, especially if you don’t budget for it first.


The moving process includes several hidden costs, so you may want to pinch some pennies beforehand. Check out http://theurbanavenue.com  to seek out your apartment in the most cost-effective manner.


Remember, you’d have to purchase packing materials, boxes, and pay for their delivery as well. Always allow a bit extra when you think about purchasing something. Do a bit of comparison shopping, whether it’s for moving services or airline tickets. The more you have in your pocket at this time, the less anxious you’d be.

5. Relieve the Stress

Moving away from your old home into a new one could be one of the most stressful life experiences ever. Excessive mental stress and physical exhaustion may even affect your productivity at work.


You may want to pay close attention to rewarding yourself for all the efforts you put in while moving. Be sure to take some time out to relax and de-stress. You need your mental well-being to survive this move.


Once you’ve moved to the new home, explore the neighborhood and cherish the new moments with the loved ones.

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