International Moving Companies offers a plethora of services to fulfill all your relocation needs. The following is just an abbreviated index of what we can provide, so if you don’t see it listed, just ask.

International Moving Services

This is by and large the area in which we most excel. With world-class service covering every aspect of international relocation you could possibly fathom, our international moving services are truly the namesake and cornerstone of what we can do for you. Our international moving agents will handle every aspect of your move from beginning to end with our full-service package, so you don’t have to lift a finger, opting instead to jump on a plane and arrive with everything already taken care of efficiently. We expertly handle:

  • International Transportation
  • Packing/Unpacking Services
  • Interim and Long-Term Storage Solutions
  • Local Referrals, Knowledge, and Support
  • International Auto Shipping
  • Importation Paperwork Completion Assistance

International Move Preparation

Oftentimes, the “before the move” preparation is the most difficult phase of the move itself, so this is why we offer comprehensive move planning and preparation services, so you can avoid any unnecessary stress or legwork. This rings especially true if you don’t have a specific destination in mind or need help finding housing upon arrival.

  • Initial Needs Intake and Assessment: Your assigned international move specialist will complete an assessment of your wants and needs, making note of your priorities, your goals, and of course, your budget. They will then provide a game plan that will include a suggested destination, important cultural and customs information, language services available, and any other pertinent deciding factors you need to be made aware of before making a final decision. Not happy with the initial assessment? Request a new plan. This is, after all, your life, your move, and you decide the destination. We’re just here to make sure it all moves along seamlessly. We do highly recommend that after you decide on a moving destination, you take at least one trip to that location as a tourist in order to ensure it will fit the needs of you and your family.
  • International Moving Estimate: After you have selected a relocation destination and taken a preview trip if desired, your personal moving consultant will draw up a detailed estimate, or quote, that includes all aspects of a full-service international move, including, but not limited to, auto transport, storage, transition services, and actual packing/moving/unpacking.
  • Language and Cultural Orientation and Training: As an expat living in a foreign country, you may be unaccustomed to the traditions, cultures, and language of your new country of residence. We have countless resources, training programs, online classes, and contacts on retainer ready to help make your transition as smooth as possible. This is just one of the many ways that International Moving Companies sets itself apart from the competition by truly going above and beyond to help you out and get you through.

International Move Management

If you don’t want to splurge on a full-service moving package, but think you could still benefit from some guidance, our international move management service may be the perfect match for you. The same expert moving specialists that coordinate our move preparation and full-service packages can also provide you with ongoing guidance, beginning with an in-house moving estimate. It’s up to how much or how little you wish to utilize this service and you will be charged based on a la carte rates for different options available. Your designated moving expert can help coordinate immigration, assist you with securing a visa, manage exports and imports, and handle all your transit needs. They will also be able to get you connected to the tracking system, so you can receive status updates and keep track of the ongoing location of your belongings as they are transported from point A to point B. Finally, if you so choose, you can take advantage of services in your new country of residence, ranging from installing utilities, getting acclimated to the culture, and completing immigrant documentation.

Immigration Assistance

Prior to and after arriving to your new home country, you will be tasked with jumping through a series of hoops and completing a slew of paperwork before you can legally reside in said country. International Moving Companies cannot only aid you in completing all the exhausting, required paperwork it its entirety, but also provide you with a detailed time line that will allow you to plan your move and anticipate each step of the process. We offer:

  • Individual Visa and Passport Services: We can help facilitate visa and passport services for you and your entire family if need be, helping you to navigate the proper channels in order to ensure a seamless process from beginning to end. We work closely with local immigration experts and authorities to expedite the processing of your paperwork, and provide follow-up as needed.
  • Business Immigration: If you are relocating due to a transfer within your current company, we can help you individually, as well as the human resource personnel if necessary, to facilitate a smooth transition. Our business specialists have countless hours working tirelessly to master foreign policy, so that they are able to properly determine visa and work authorization needs within each country.

Residential Moving Services

From moving across town to moving across country to moving abroad, we cover it all. We provide:

Housing Assistance

When you relocate internationally, you must secure adequate accommodations along the way, whether it be hotel stays during your actual move, temporary housing upon arrival, or permanent lodging when you reach your final destination. We are able to offer the following services in order to make your life easier, and give you peace of mind knowing that you will always have a roof over your head:

  • Home Locator Service: Our international liaisons have contacts all over the world, and work closely with property management companies, real estate agencies, and other housing providers to help you preemptively make viewing arrangements, assist in preparing rental applications, help in all financial negotiations, and expedite processing whenever possible so that you will be move-in ready upon arrival.
  • Temporary Lodging Assistance: We work to secure interim solutions for temporary situations, or to handle hotel accommodations for short-term assignments.
  • Property Management: We also have an entire team dedicated to maintaining property management services stateside if you choose to rent out your home or you own other property that must be maintained while you live overseas. We can also help you set up similar monitoring overseas in international rental properties.

Please give us a call now or complete the form in the upper right corner for a no-obligation, fast, friendly, FREE international moving quote!

Business Moving Services

Whether you need to relocate a mom/pop shop, a large corporation, or a sole proprietorship, we can assist you with:

  • Relocation of business furniture
  • Secure destruction or shredding of privileged or confidential information/documentation
  • Secure transport of confidential information/documentation
  • Proper business license transferring service
  • Insurance and protection during relocation
  • Assistance loading and unloading business equipment
  • Transport of heavy machinery or other large, cumbersome items

Military or Government Relocation

If you are active-duty, retired, a civilian contractor, or government worker, we appreciate your service to our country and attempt to repay that debt through stellar service. We offer military discounts where applicable and are familiar with specific government rules and requirements during relocation, so we always remain in compliance.

Auto Transport

We have transport carriers designed for standard-sized sedans, recreational vehicles, motorcycles, or any other type of custom vehicle. We can provide open-air carriers or closed containers depending on your preference. We are also more than happy to accommodate auto transport as part of a large, more inclusive relocation package or as a stand-alone a la carte service.


Also offered as a stand-alone service or part of a larger package, we have storage facilities all over the world. We only work with agents who provide the highest quality and safest storage facilities, so that you can have peace of mind knowing your belongings are protected during your move or for a longer period of time depending on individual needs.

Insurance and Protection

All our moving services are covered by the industry standard level of insurance, but we are happy to provide you with higher limits should you feel you need more protection. Any specialist on staff that you contact would be more than willing to discuss additional options, and give you a customized quote based on the value of your belongings.

Full-Service and Partial-Service Relocation

Although we emphatically believe that the greatest benefits to a moving package can only be appreciated through a truly full-service move, we empower you to make your own decisions, determining what is most important to your personal situation and individual requirements. This is why we offer partial-service relocation and offer all of our services as stand-alone options. We are more than willing to customize a bundle that conforms to your budget, so that we can better meet your needs.

Above and Beyond Services

We pride ourselves on making sure ALL your needs are met by truly going the extra mile. We would be happy to connect you with local cable and utility providers, arrange move-out or move-in cleaning services, schedule trash and debris pick-up, or help you to make interim lodging arrangements. We can also assist you with customs and international import regulations and paperwork if needed.

It goes without saying that all of our moving services are available for short-distance moves, long-distance moves, cross-country AND international relocation requests. Please contact us today, so that we can work closely with you to determine and create a personalized moving package based on your individual wants, needs, and budgetary constraints.

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